Friday, 29 April 2011

April - the Royal Kiss

Well April is drawing to a close with a rather quick Royal Wedding Kiss - and with that now over we can focus again on all the work that is in progress at Fairview

Nature Updates:  The swallows have arrived and not just one or two but a whole tribe. The barn is full a- twitter with their news and tales from South Africa and their plans for the summer!  We have left one of the barn windows open so they have better access to their nests and can aviod the occasional cat perched surreptitiously on the stable doors!

The ladybirds are also out and about which is lovely to see and the fields are full of all kinds of birds. Unfortunately my “twitching” skills are limited to just a few obvious birds and my camera skills are not good enough for me to catch them so I can identify them - any I do catch on camera I will post up on here and would hugely appreciate if anyone can help us identify who/what we have on the land.
we continue to improve the fauna at Fairview and are delighted with our baby Ash trees, Ginko Biloba, James Grieve / Maris Pipin apple trees and the two beautiful ornamental cherry blossom trees.  Alas the cherrys only blossom for a short period. We have also discovered a couple of baby horse chestnut and several sycamore's so will be replanting them in spaces along the fence line where they can continue to establish themselves to bloom and blossom.  The war on nettles feels never ending but we are convinced there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel that we can make an impact on reducing the amount of space that the nettles that take over on Darlings Lane

STABLES :  we have two stables free for DIY, Part of Full livery

EVENTING NEWS – Watch this space for update of our Open Day in June where Captain Richard Waygood will be here for a day of coaching.  Individual and group sessions available.  Contact us at or call 0774 777 0987 for more info

MANURE!  - getting some great reviews from the gardeners for our “mature manure” we have been composting for the last year and have manure that is 12 months and 6 months old so ideal for planting and improving soil quality.  If you are interested please call ahead and we can bag up according to your needs!   

HORSE NEWS : Duke jumped amazingly on his trip over to Swindon, WunderStrike is still recovering from him abcesses.  Just one bad trim and 12 weeks off work, two vets visists and a fortune spent on poultices, pain relief and countless nappies!! but it is looking like his feet are healing.  hoorah.  Connor continues to charm everyone he meets having given Olivia a great ride through the thicket!