Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Life in the fast lane!

SirAlf taking another walk up the track!
Duke really really loves MrWunderPants  
the lovers SirAlf and Lolo on the track! 
well, the track went up last week - already the boys and girls are making full use of it ... and are using it as an extended non-automated horse walker which is great, especially as Alf is recovering from a suspensory injury and needs super light exercise on straight lines and Lolo a lady in her prime also needs to be moving !   Duke n Wunder are somewhere different every time I go out and its big enough for everyone to have their own space - The wear the horses are making on the track is showing (well it has been raining!) but we'd rather have horses moving around and the whole point of track was to have somewhere to trash over the winter rather than trash a field where the horses are just loafing might as well be in their stables!   Here are a few pics of our latest lovers Alf and Lolo and Duke trying to give Wudner a sloppy smacker.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

9th Dec - TinTin Flat/Jump Clinic


Sunday 9th December

TinTin Van Rijkevorsel – 3 x Olympic Eventer, here for the day to help you and your horse Jumping or on the Flat!

Following sucess on the October Clinic we've invited TinTin back so any folk wanting to join in let us know 

TinTin is a great coach Olympic/ Four Star eventer specialist helping find the right exercises to help you and your horse find balance, straightness, confidence to create a harmonious working partnership!

So if you are on the Flat, ShowJumping, CrossCoutnry, Hunting come along for some professional support ....

  Martin Collins Sand and Clopf surface,

Limited spaces - Call Minnie on 0774 777 0987