Sunday, 26 June 2011

Cool kids

Lily and Frosty being cool in the heat and Cane keeping cool with his feet in some lovely cold water ...

Todays watch ....

check out this fabulous 5 spot Burnet Moth - rescued this afternoon from the water trough .... put her on the fence and she moved which was awesome because I thought she'd drowned.  Not long after she'd settled she was visited by the worlds fastest walking Ladybird!  who checked in to see what was going on.  Anyway beautiful creatre and it was quite lovely to save this little soul .....

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

New Riding Arena - Martin Collins Sand and CLOPF®

bouncy canter

half pass 

smiles allround
well with a lot of digging, srapping, loading, unloading, spreading, chopping, mixing, thumping and rolling we are about done with the extension and re-surfacing the manege with the a Martin Collin's Sand and CLOPF®
system.- This synthetic riding surface is the very latest in arena technology as has been quick to be adopted  by many of the leading professional eventers, showjumpers and dressage riders on the circuit including: 
Laura Bechtolsheimer, Nick Skelton,Burghley winner Lucinda Fredericks,  Matt Ryan - 2x Olympic Gold medalist.  It is the official surface at: 
Bishop Burton - training ground for the 2012 Olympics
Hickstead - Dressage Arena

For more product information :

or datasheets got to :

As the CLOPF fibres mix and fill up with the sand the surface binds and takes on a unique quality that gives it its famous bounce!  Unlike rubber which cannont "bind" in the sand and only really sit on / or in it the CLOPF really does form a surface ...

OJ and Frosty join Fairview

delighted to have Dawn back with her two gorgeous ponies O.J and Frosty who are inseperable - more news n pics to follow

I'ts only Tuesday ...

and we've got rid of what turned out to be a small wasps nest in Dukes stable .. whoo hooo!!  they were stinging the horses and one got me in the eye which was super ouch .... there's another nest lurking behind Connors door so thats up next for removal.  The baby swallows are all out of their nests and are on daily manoeuvres, having fun chirruping about and learning how important it is to stay out of Broken Whiskers way .... We also have our first load of apples coming through ...  The recent rain has been excellent for the grass and all the ponies are getting a bit tubby so tough hay rations for all at night...

Swallows 2011

Hard to catch them but here's a little snapshot of this years baby swallows just before they started flying and are uncatchable by camera (well at least with my skills!)

Monday, 20 June 2011

Constantin Van Rijkevorsel - demo in Surrey - How to qualify an ex racer for the 2012 Olympics!

An evening hosted by Jim Boyle to showcase ex racehorses, we have an instructor who has qualifed an ex racehorse for the 2012 Olympics.  
Full details of what Constantin Van Rijckevorsel has achieved with ex racehorses is on our facebook page. There will be horses directly from training and then those a little bit more retrained on the flat with a jumping set at the end.  Wunderstrike and I were going to feature on the day but his feet are still a too sore for us to join in and show off our fab-ness - but we are still going to check out the eventand see how ex-racers can make it to the Olympics
Tickets are £10.00 per head. Please email for more information or pm Jim Boyle's Ex Racers.