Friday, 12 October 2012

Jumping Clinic


Saturday 27th October

TinTin Van Rijkevorsel – 3 x Olympic Eventer, here for the day to help you and your horse jumping!

TinTin is a great coach Olympic/ Four Start eventer specialist helping find the right exercises to help you and your horse find balance, straightness, confidence to create a harmonious jumping partnership!  

So if you are ShowJumping, CrossCoutnry, Hunting come along for some professional support .... 

Jumping on the Martin Collins Sand and Clopf surface, and if the weather/ground is good jumps are out in the field ….

Limited spaces - Call Minnie on 0774 777 0987

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  1. Havent had so much jumpin in AGES! didnt realise we could fit the amount of jumps we did in the school - loads of really good exercises and EVERYONE did things they didnt think they could do before! be it getting 8 strides in a 5 stride space on a circle! Jumping rather large uprights from trot! Bounces off tight corners..and much much more. Watch this space for the next clinic!