Monday, 24 October 2011

Latest Cat Pix

MMF-rooooo in the grass 
Whisket : Locked, loaded and ready to go ..... 

Late season Bumble beeeeeeeeeeez or Connor is the bees knees

Having a little fun whilst clipping - his pre clip wash left him as fluffy as a bee so we thought we'd honour his bee impression

Monday, 3 October 2011

Pennie Hooper come to visit Fairivew

Thankyou Pennie Hooper - for Duke/Pants pre-winter massage - today showed how important regular treatments are and how lucky we are for her visits. 
I always like to think I am fairly sensitive to my horses wellbeing and needs.  So was surprised but pleased that we caught a number of things in todays treatments (dukes nearside front & possibility some arthritis apearing in his hock) and Pants' funny ribs (well not funny really, onerack is shorter than the other) which could explain why he finds left circle canter sooooooo awfully hard and completely not massage related but he needs a detox - so I hv homework for both which will help them esp as the seasons change.

After his massage Pants took a full lights out/laydown/passout sleep.  Duke was just very keen to show Pennie where she was needed most and has spent the afternoon having a snooze with his noooze ooot the window. 
Who says they dont feel, appreciate or need this..... Its not just the top horses competing at the top of their game but they all do - I  booked Pennie in thinking it would just be nice for them and wasnt expecting there to be so much to come out from the sessions.   So I am glad we did it. Just as a plant needs water, these wonderful animals need Pennie! thankyou ... for mor info check out