Thursday, 21 November 2013

Part Livery - Full Livery - Assisted DIY

6 boxes available for : part livery, full livery or assisted DIY - Fabulous Martin Collins Sand and CLOPF manege.  Amazing hacking.  All year turnout.  Barefoot friendly, 500 meter Track turnout (Paddock Paradise). For the competitive rider excellent access to M4 (5 minutes), M25 and M40 (15 minutes), free WIFI.  Rehab facilities for people transitioning to barefoot or recovering from suspensory/tendon injuries. Secure gate system.  In stable video on request  
Martin Collins sand and CLOPF surface - as used by Laura Bechtolsteiner Olympic Gold Dressage Medalist ... its unique binding properties make it an ideal surface for all tendon, ligament or suspensory rehabilitation.  Great for barefoot transitioning!  
4.5 acres - all year turnout and a 500m Paddock Paradise track

One of our top-bays having a  roll

The stable block!