Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Work on the manege has begun!

Happy days - with the planning approved the work has started to extend the manege (not to be confused with a menage which in French means either a colletion of animals or a social group living together, a household eg : menage-a-trois meaning household of three!  And then to build the X-Coutnry "step" jump in the field....and finally getting the driveway refreshed.   Mud - be - gone - from hereforth-with - no more stuck cars, no more flooding and the mud-spa at Fairview will be closed down....well that is if it ever rains again - as much as we love this weather the fields need some rain for the grass to push through!    

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Hamburglar strikes again!

PROOF m'lud that this 'ere 'orse wot is in the dock is no ovver than the infamous Hamburglar - he may fool you into 'finking he is just a tasty Burger Bun Bum, or a simple LoonyTune, Tuna-face or Pantaloons. Some close circles know 'im by 'is full name Wunderstrike. I 'ave come out from undercover duties to identify that this 'ere 'orse is a 'fief wiv many aliases and i believe it is in the interest of the general public this 'orse is named as a threat to hay everywhere  ... 


well it needs to be up here - 2 pix of MMF (Much More Friendly) being brave and much less self concious and less of a 'fraidy puss. Maybe he gained courage from Connor's party beer! ....

Connor Makes 21 ...

Well 21 years young and Connor is doing well - after spending a nice sunny day in the field lavished with apples and bathed in sunshine it was time to flex those pecks for a lap of honour round the Pig Track and Cookham Common. En route he stopped for a couple of nibbles at the all-day-hedgerow-buffet to sample Berkshire's finest cowslip! Then a steady canter round the common where Connor got to show off his impeccable manners and Duke thought it a good idea to demo his one-time-changes. Then it was home for all - I think Connor knew what was up as he jogged all the way home to get ready for his birthday dinner feast. On the menu were more apples, a helping of fresh frosted carrot cake and washed down with a good swig of Guiness ... yum yum!!! Pants the youngster, got his first taste of beer, dubious at first but he soon cottoned on. Hopefully we have not opeend the floodgates for him becoming a beer moster when he gets older. But hey Its Connors birthday so all is fair and all joined in the sing song and the party

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Douglas Hibbert!

In just one lesson Douglas has totally transformed my riding -  If you dont beleive me have a look at the pics - Duke is reaching, not fighting me : which is a first .... Douglas trains at all levels from beginner up to Prix St George and Olympic!  He has a great understadning of the dynamics of horse movement and effective riding - and most importantly he has the ability to communicate what you need to do to get the results in your riding.  Helping you build up a "toolkit" of how to ride with confidence and more importantly sensitively making riding fun for you and the horse ... one of the things we discussed during the lesson is how important our role of leader is so important.  The way we lead, how we lead how sensitive we are to our horse and how we make the horse feel during a schooling session is of the upmost importance.  Having taken up Tango recently my whole approach to riding has changed.  Having been led by a variety of men it is amazing to "feel" how different each person leads - someone who is too soft leaves you confused, unbalanced as to what you are supposed to do, someone who is too harsh makes the dance feel stuck, mechanical, constrained, too fast and its difficult to keep up and to slow and you fall in out of the moves, almost like there is no beginning or end to a move.  So like riding, the balance between a good dance partner who is sensitive to dance itself but with the strength to lead with confidence to an innefective dance partner is amazing,... and my job is to be the best dance partner I can be for my horse who is trying so hard to follow my lead! I am really really am looking forward to more lessons

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Livery spaces - 3

DIY / Part / Full - NEW SCHOOL BEING BUILT!  We are a small Eventing yard and have three vacancies - contact Minnie on 0774 777 0987

Tack/Riding Wear for Sale

Spring clean brings up a bunch of stuff I can part with - everytihng for sale is in excellent condition:  

Brushing boots - Black / Woofware
Brushing boots - Black / Escadron  
Over-reach - White / Escadron - NEW  
Lunging cavasson - Black
Effax leather balm
Stirrups - metal
Stuben leather stirrups - black  
Stuben red/brown leather bridle - 
Rubber reins - brown 
3 saddle racks (black and red) 
Black leather Riding Boots- size 6